Welcome New Students

We are here to support you, make Yoga fun and enjoyable!

We are SO excited to offer all new visitors this once-off Intro Offer

$1 a day for your first 4 weeks

Here’s a quick checklist for your first class:

  • Water bottle;
  • Yoga mat (or you can borrow a studio mat);
  • Towel, if you’re prone to sweating;
  • Comfortable clothing;
  • Arrive 10 minutes early;
  • Please notify your teacher if you have an injury or medical condition that may affect your practice.

All levels welcome!  Your teacher will offer suitable modifications and props to ensure you get the most out of your practice.

Beginners (Vitals) Classes

Learn the foundations of Yoga in a workshop style class

This class is scheduled to run twice a week and is highly recommended for both new students interested in establishing a safe, consistent and confident practice, experience practitioners looking to broaden their practice – and everyone in between! We will delve into the breath, bandhas, alignment of postures, safe transitions, benefits and contraindications. The four ‘Vital’ classes listed below will be delivered in a rolling manner i.e. a new week, a new Vital – everyone on the Intro Offer will have the opportunity to attend every class; the class will run in a workshop style manner, with questions and curiosity encouraged.

  1. Sun Salutations A & B – for Alignment and Technique
  2. Stand and Balance – for Strength and Focus
  3. Sit, Twist and Bend – for Digestion and Immunity
  4. Inversions and Backbends – for the Nervous System

Ultimately, our aim is to provide new practitioners with the tools and knowledge to practice safely, build confidence and progress comfortably.

$1 a day INTRO OFFER*

*$1 a day for your first 4 weeks; available to all new visitors, for a limited time only!

Class styles suitable for every body!

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