Meet our team



Sally’s yoga journey began at the age of 16 where she instantly felt drawn to the relaxing effects.

After attending many yoga classes, she knew this was her destiny and wanted to share this life changing practice.

Her first yoga training was in 2009 with the Australian Yoga Academy. She has gone on to train in with Zenergy Yoga kids yoga, pre and postnatal and most recently trauma informed yoga and mindfulness for youth and Yin & Myofascial Release

Sally’s caring and gentle nature inspires her you to move in a thoughtful way and allows you to get know your body on a deeper level through themed classes, chakras and the use of yoga props.

You can expect options for all levels, clear direct and heartfelt intentions to take beyond the yoga mat.


Teaching yoga, for me, is about helping people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies with curiosity, kindness and love. It is always an honour to lead someone in rediscovering the magic of their body-mind connection.

My yoga practise is informed by years of integrating Vedic mediation, Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and Engaged Buddhism into my daily life.

Before having kids my favourite yoga practice was a 6am Ashtanga sequence. These days for me yoga might look like an evening yoga nidra, making ghee under a full moon or sharing a downward facing dog with two toddlers. Thats what I love about yoga- its so co-creation process. Ready to evolve and support every angle of the human experience.

Outside of yoga studios I can be found reading, writing and raising kids with my partner on Wurundjeri land. When I have time I love to study and have recently completed courses in Nature Reading and Oracle card deck creating. I also love to play the violin, walk in the bush and make chai.

Tricia-Rose’s classes are relaxed and fun with a. Focus on building strength while moving mindfully. She enjoys welcoming new students and teaches all styles including prenatal, mums & buns, beginners, yin, flow and embodiment practices.


For Claire, yoga is a way to come home to the self, to bring body and mind back together in the present moment through
the gentle anchor of the breath. To find grounding, clarity, strength and intuition. It is a way of saying to body and mind, with great tenderness, I am listening. Claire has taught yoga since 2016, enjoys crafting graceful flow classes and has an especial love for nurturing Restorative Yoga and meditation. Claire’s classes reflect her love of poetry and beautiful language and imagery, her commitment to inclusivity, compassion, community and service, and the humility, honour and joy she finds in sharing the practice of yoga.

Claire is a mum to Sid, two, and another little being arriving in the Spring. She currently teaches Restore most Sunday

“Create a clearing in the dense forest of your life” Martha Postlethwaite.


I started practising yoga 8 years ago to complement my Meditation practice, and have found that Yoga has not only deepened my Meditation practice but also improved my wellbeing and overall health. I’m passionate about the mental and physical benefits of Yoga, and how it can help us to connect with ourselves and others in a more meaningful way. I like to teach classes with an emphasis on present moment awareness and calming the mind. Apart from Yoga and Meditation, I like to play music, I mainly play guitar and bass guitar. I also love hiking out in nature, which I find to be very calming and grounding.


Bio coming soon!


I started practising Yoga in 2004 with a classical Ashtanga class on a regular basis. After moving to Australia in 2007 I realised that Yoga is so much more. I graduated in July 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Yoga Academy. I love exploring different styles which influence my practice and teaching. My classes are holistic including breath work, chanting, warm-ups, Vinyasa (flowing postures), body awareness in holding asana (postures), relaxation, meditation and smiling. 

I follow the path of Yoga with great passion and teach the whole student to nourish the mind body connection.


For me, yoga is a mood-altering, inner and outer strength-building, and inspiring practice, that helps ground me into the present moment, enhance my intuition and connection to life, and help me live my life with more authenticity, joy and greater health and vitality. I fell in love with yoga when I started practicing in 2007 and even more once I began teacher training, and it helped to lift me up to a healthier, happier emotional place, giving me a renewed sense of purpose and joy, which is still true today!

My yoga classes aim to inspire and empower students, and are infused with the intention to be both balanced and transformational; a healing tool to help connect people to their internal power, joy and vitality, and to create space for increased peace, awareness and energy to flow.

Shannon’s yoga classes aim to strengthen the body, calm the mind, uplift and open the heart, and utilize a balanced and intuitive approach to teaching, combining both traditional and modern practices, so that the result is a class that is both authentic and creative, built on solid foundations.

The Yoga Sutra, “Sthira Sukham Asanam” (The pose should be joyful and steady) is one of Shannon’s core guiding philosophies when it comes to teaching and practicing yoga. I also love to include uplifting and ambient music in my yoga classes, as I feel the vibration of sound is healing and consciousness shifting.


Yoga has a way of sneaking into your life & bringing beautiful gifts…. The gift of presence, the superpower of learning tools to harness our breath (such as to invigorate, to calm or to find strength) and it provides a nurturing space to tune inwards and appreciate and celebrate our temple in all its unique magnificence!

This practice has been a part of my life for many years and while I initially completed teacher training to deepen my own knowledge, as that occurred I felt an obligation to share this practise and
how it reminds us to be in the moment and the abundance of joy created from living a life in and of gratitude. My life is busy, with two beautiful girls at primary school who have an impressive array of after school and weekend activities, and an incredibly supportive hubby, a gorgeous little Cavoodle, working in our busy family business and attempting to complete a Master’s degree.

Yoga offers the Yin to my Yang lifestyle – an opportunity to disconnect, tune in, move authentically and be very thankful. I love time in nature with my family, exploring new places (& many playgrounds!), walking Peppa, a great cup of coffee, hearing our neighbourhood Magpies warbling in the mornings, brunching with great friends and enjoying live performances. And I could NOT live without Porridge.

I feel so very blessed to be able to teach yoga at the 432 Studio, this community is kind, fun and friendly and I cherish the friendships formed over the years. My classes are an interpretation of the traditional teachings, infused to support our modern lifestyles, an inclusive space to ponder and play. Finding a balance between movement and stillness and appreciating the benefits of both, exploring breath techniques and reminding ourselves to listen, honour and move our body with kindness to create harmony.


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!


I am passionate about natural, holistic health and mindfulness – combining Eastern and Western philosophies, therapies and practices.

I love learning and often will have my nose in a book or be participating in a course. I have completed trainings in Yoga, Astrology, Counselling, Reiki, Zen Thai Shiatsu and Plant-Based Nutrition, with a large ever-growing list of topics I would like to learn next!

I am creative and love to express my art through singing, music, dancing, painting, sculpting and writing. Spending time in nature is important to me, as well as nurturing relationships with
friends, family and community.

I first practiced Yoga at 14 and started a regular practice at 23. Yoga became a powerful tool of healing for me, and has seen me travel to India, Thailand and different parts of Australia to further
my studies of this ancient practice.

Alaine’s classes have a foundational intentionality in Tantric Yoga, with awareness of how our practice effects all layers of our beings; Physical, Emotional, Pranic, Karmic and Spiritual.

Alaine consults Astrology to design each class, subtly working with current planetary influences.


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I practised Hatha and Bikram yoga before discovering vinyasa and falling in love with the fluid movement. Since completing my Vinyasa training I have completed training in Yin yoga, Restorative yoga and Mat 1 Pilates. I am currently studying Qigong (similar to Tai Chi) and look forward to sharing this practice with the 432 community.

I am extremely blessed to be living really close to the beach with my husband and two cats (how I became a cat lady is another story!). I have an ever-growing crystal and indoor plant collection I enjoy watching ocean documentaries, crafting, working with essential oils, learning about nutrition and am a self-confessed coffee and tea snob.

Ching Mei

I’m Ching Mei. Most people call me Ching, and many know that I live to eat and I laugh out loud. A good meal and laugh are all it takes to get to my heart! I started yoga after giving birth to my 1st child as that’s the closest I could get to being a dancer. I fell in love with it instantly because it enables me to clear my mind and be in the moment. It makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face. Getting upside down and arm balancing are my kind of things too! My family is my everything. They’re the reason I eat and laugh happily every single day. They led and mould me to where and who I am today.


Meditation has been part of my life for decades, but now I more consciously and whole- heartedly embrace it as essential to my wellbeing and personal growth and enjoy a daily personal practice.

Such is my faith in and passion for meditation that I completed Teacher Training at Melbourne Meditation Centre and feel honoured to join the team at 432 Yoga.

My training and personal practice have involved trying different meditation techniques, however, lived experience tells me that just as we are all unique, so too are our needs and the ways we choose to meditate.

As a result, I feel there is no one or right way to meditate and what may suit us one day or at one stage in life, may change and require a reset or a completely new attitude and approach at another stage.

In each meditation at 432 Yoga, you will be invited to tune in to your senses, inhabit your body (which includes breath work) and observe and work with your thoughts and feelings.

My hope is that through welcoming and allowing all parts of yourself into your meditation, you can kindly and gently come ‘home’ to yourself by relaxing your body and calming your mind.