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My yoga journey began way back in September 1992. After a chance encounter on an overnight bus ride from Singapore to Malaysia and then Thailand. (Long story) I found myself drawn to a month long teacher training course in Kathmandu, Nepal.
It was at the Patanjali Yoga Center, under the supervision of Yogashiromani Yogacharya Dr Sushil Bhattacharya , I found my passion for yoga
After many years I have again found myself through yoga, and the ways of yoga in our everyday life
Furthered my yoga training in Yin Yoga during 2022
I believe our time on our Mat, is our time, and that our time on our Mat, plays a big part in our lives but most importantly your time your Mat is your time for you.


Sally’s yoga journey began at the age of 16 where she instantly felt drawn to the relaxing effects.

After attending many yoga classes, she knew this was her destiny and wanted to share this life changing practice.

Her first yoga training was in 2009 with the Australian Yoga Academy. She has gone on to train in with Zenergy Yoga kids yoga, pre and postnatal and most recently trauma informed yoga and mindfulness for youth and Yin & Myofascial Release

Sally’s caring and gentle nature inspires you to move in a thoughtful way and allows you to get know your body on a deeper level through themed classes, chakras and the use of yoga props.

You can expect options for all levels, clear direct and heartfelt intentions to take beyond the yoga mat.


Lisa is a Senior Yoga Teacher who lives in Mt Dandenong with her family and 4-legged friends. She is passionate about embodying the practice, teachings and experience of yoga through everyday life.

“My great and enduring love of yoga was born after being introduced to the teachings of Siddha Yoga in 1997. A deep longing for healing and transformation was kindled. I bid farewell to my loving fiancé and corporate career and embarked on a 12 month immersion in an Indian Ashram as a student of yoga studying philosophy and yogic scripture, meditation and chanting, karma yoga and hatha yoga. It was remarkable, transformational and by no means easy. I was well served by the discipline of my early practices. On my return I married my husband John, had two beautiful sons and continued on the path of self discovery through love and dedication to the art of living yoga.

I’ve had the absolute privilege of studying and training with many inspiring local and international teachers from a diverse range of yogic styles and traditions. As an experiential learner, life remains my greatest teacher. I’m feel I’m constantly expanding the boundaries of my own limitations so that I can be the most loving, compassionate and positive influence on the world around me in service of the highest good for our humanity.”


I started practising yoga 8 years ago to complement my Meditation practice, and have found that Yoga has not only deepened my Meditation practice but also improved my wellbeing and overall health. I’m passionate about the mental and physical benefits of Yoga, and how it can help us to connect with ourselves and others in a more meaningful way. I like to teach classes with an emphasis on present moment awareness and calming the mind. Apart from Yoga and Meditation, I like to play music, I mainly play guitar and bass guitar. I also love hiking out in nature, which I find to be very calming and grounding.


I started practising Yoga in 2004 with a classical Ashtanga class on a regular basis. After moving to Australia in 2007 I realised that Yoga is so much more. I graduated in July 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Yoga Academy. I love exploring different styles which influence my practice and teaching. My classes are holistic including breath work, chanting, warm-ups, Vinyasa (flowing postures), body awareness in holding asana (postures), relaxation, meditation and smiling. 

I follow the path of Yoga with great passion and teach the whole student to nourish the mind body connection.


For me, yoga is a mood-altering, inner and outer strength-building, and inspiring practice, that helps ground me into the present moment, enhance my intuition and connection to life, and help me live my life with more authenticity, joy and greater health and vitality. I fell in love with yoga when I started practicing in 2007 and even more once I began teacher training, and it helped to lift me up to a healthier, happier emotional place, giving me a renewed sense of purpose and joy, which is still true today!

My yoga classes aim to inspire and empower students, and are infused with the intention to be both balanced and transformational; a healing tool to help connect people to their internal power, joy and vitality, and to create space for increased peace, awareness and energy to flow.

Shannon’s yoga classes aim to strengthen the body, calm the mind, uplift and open the heart, and utilize a balanced and intuitive approach to teaching, combining both traditional and modern practices, so that the result is a class that is both authentic and creative, built on solid foundations.

The Yoga Sutra, “Sthira Sukham Asanam” (The pose should be joyful and steady) is one of Shannon’s core guiding philosophies when it comes to teaching and practicing yoga. I also love to include uplifting and ambient music in my yoga classes, as I feel the vibration of sound is healing and consciousness shifting.


Nat started practicing yoga in her teens when her mum became her first yoga teacher and inspiration. In her twenties, when she was working in a corporate job, Nat experienced the profound benefits of yoga while overcoming anxiety and depression. The transformational impacts Nat experienced from yoga lead her to leave the corporate job and commence her yoga teaching training over 10 years ago

Now in her 40’s, Nat combines her passion for the healing potential of yoga with her Ayurvedic business, while studying both Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and other complimentary therapies.

Nat completed the Certificate IV Yoga Teaching plus specialist training in Yoga Philosophy; Tantric Hatha Yoga; Yin Yoga; Remedial Yoga; and the Yoga of Sound.

Nat lives in the Dandenong ranges: close to nature with her family and pets. She loves cooking, gardening and dancing.


I discovered yoga in the downhill time of my life. Yoga provides me with the tools and space to navigate my life on the right track again. This then becomes my motivation to share my knowledge with others and lead my pathway to teaching. I teach flows, Yin, Roll and Release. I encourage students to embrace their own yoga journey in an art form of self-exploration and mindfulness movement. When I am off my mat, I will be hugging my fur babies- Mushu, Melman, Safari and Wally.


Isabel began a regular yoga practice around 3 years ago, from this she quickly developed a deep connection to the physical and energetic effects of yoga and the spiritual path. After a long lockdown and feeling stuck in the day to day, she went on to complete her Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 and knew she had found her passion. Shortly after training, Isabel left her corporate job and went on to teach full time.

Isabel is a qualified Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Kriya and Mantra teacher. She enjoys weaving in these powerful practices and is eager to share them in classes. Isabel’s lively and warm nature helps students feel supported wherever they are on their journey. Encouraging participants to tune into the body and breath, creating a wholesome practice that is uniquely theirs.

In 2022, Isabel also completed her Barre Teacher Training. She enjoys the strength and energy created through Pilates & Barre, all whilst having fun in the process!


Teaching yoga, for me, is about helping people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies with curiosity, kindness and love. It is always an honour to lead someone in rediscovering the magic of their body-mind connection.

My yoga practise is informed by years of integrating Vedic mediation, Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and Engaged Buddhism into my daily life.

Before having kids my favourite yoga practice was a 6am Ashtanga sequence. These days for me yoga might look like an evening yoga nidra, making ghee under a full moon or sharing a downward facing dog with two toddlers. Thats what I love about yoga- its so co-creation process. Ready to evolve and support every angle of the human experience.

Outside of yoga studios I can be found reading, writing and raising kids with my partner on Wurundjeri land. When I have time I love to study and have recently completed courses in Nature Reading and Oracle card deck creating. I also love to play the violin, walk in the bush and make chai.

Tricia-Rose’s classes are relaxed and fun with a focus on building strength while moving mindfully. She enjoys welcoming new students and teaches all styles including prenatal, mums & bubs, beginners, yin, flow and embodiment practices.


Each one of us is on our own yoga journey. We all have our own individual reasons for starting. Every yoga practice looks different for everybody.

Yoga is a space where you can learn, unlearn, grow and release. Becoming stronger and more flexible in your body and your mind is a by-product of the practice.

You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, just flexible enough to start.


I love meditating and combining lived experience and current knowledge from Neuroscience and Psychology to teach people how to meditate. Such is my faith in the capacity for meditation to heal and transform, I completed Meditation Teacher Training at Melbourne Meditation Centre.

As a teacher, I encourage people to explore different ways to meditate to relax the body and calm the mind and to engage skilfully with their thoughts and emotions. I see meditation as a vital form of self-care because it facilitates us gently coming ‘home’ to ourselves by cultivating greater self-awareness, which is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing.

I hope to see you soon at a Yoga Nidra class, a workshop or special event at 432 Yoga.