What classes are available?


At 432 Yoga we offer an abundance of Yoga classes; spanning all seven days of the week, you’re sure to find a class that resonates with you.
Discover your style!

Vinyasa Flow

Enjoy an energetic and uplifting class. Our flow classes link poses together with breath to create a moving sequence. All classes include standing poses, balancing poses then finish with a cool down and relaxation. Suitable for all practicing levels.


Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow classes are like a moving meditation and great stepping stone from beginners to Vinyasa Flow. Enjoy a slower paced sequence while building strength and flexibility.



Yin classes are a series of long, held, deep stretches aimed at creating flexibility in the connective tissue of the body. Yin classes are most effectively practised with the support of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) and are appropriate for any level of student.



Gentle: restorative yoga is based on its root word “rest”. The intention of this class is to use the support of bolsters, blankets, and blocks to give your body the effect of certain yoga poses – back-bends, twists, forward folds – without using any muscle exertion. It is intended to be a slow, peaceful, and meditative practice.


Yin + Release

Yin practice are slow and static. Yin is the practice of opening up the body physically and energetically in a passive way without strain or effort, affecting the fascia and flow of energy through it. We practice non reaction, choosing to be the witness instead of the victim to every thought, emotion and sensation that passes through us. This class also includes the element of ball rolling which aids to release tension in the connective tissues(fascia) that wrap, connect and support the muscles. This can be performed by allocating “balls” on to different muscles group with different rolling techniques. This is simply self massage!


Move + Meditate

This class offers a combination of movement and meditation allowing the student to enjoy  nourishing movement, pranayama (breathing exercises), visualisation, Yogic philosophy or Meditation.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided mediation also known as “yogic sleep”. During this class you will be invited to lay down as the teacher guides you through breathing exercises and body scans. This guided relaxation will encourage you to move towards a state of consciousness that allows you to reach a state of deep relaxation.


Guided Meditation

Connect with your natural ability to experience inner calm and self-awareness. Allow yourself to be guided in a clear and simple way to engage with your body, breath, senses, thoughts and feelings. Each week you will experience different ways of meditating to bring more clarity, healing and self-care into your life.


Gentle Flow

In this class you will learn the basics & is a great place to start for beginners or anyone looking for a slower paced practice. You will learn ways to modify your practice and spend more time in each pose.



Designed to support your changing bodies through the beginning phases of your motherhood journey; each week we’ll explore a different area of the body and create a relaxing and calm space for you to soak up this exiting time – these classes will benefit your physical body as much as your emotional state.

We recommend beginning after your first trimester, and it’s preferred you consult with your doctor prior to commencement.


  • Breathing exercises are effective to help reduce anxiety as well as pain management and focus during labour;
  • Increase strength, flexibility and agility;
  • Improves circulation and fluid retention;
  • Improves posture and eases back pain;
  • Develop mental and physical strength – feel empowered;
  • Enjoy the sacred journey of pregnancy with the connection to baby within.


Mums + Bubs (Postnatal)

All mums and bubs are welcome to attend after their six week postnatal check up until 12 months. No previous experience is required. 

This is a fun and interactive ways to bond with your baby, whilst taking the time care for yourself. Meet other new Mums and share your stories – or may we suggest booking the studio for your next Mothers Group get-together? You can expect baby massage, and a nurturing, strengthening practice all in the company of your bundle of joy.

Benefits for Mum:

  • Gentle exercises to strengthen weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles;
  • Release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back;
  • Learn techniques to deal with emotions and fatigue;

Benefits for baby:

  • Gentle exercises for an upset tummy/colic;
  • Playful movement for enhancing baby’s development;
  • Baby massage to help relax you baby and promote better sleep;
  • Rhymes and songs to engage with your baby;
  • Calming techniques and holds for babies going through unsettled periods;
  • Fun, interactive play time with Mum.

*$49 for your first 2 weeks. Commences from date of first class. Available to all new visitors. Unlimited classes. For a limited time only!