Our Story

Together, we bring an abundance of knowledge and passion for the ancient practices of Yoga; a common desire to share this knowledge is how 432 Yoga sprung to life!

Our practice of Yoga doesn’t finish with Savasana – it has largely become a part of our every day lives; and it will be through our teachings where students from all walks of life will receive exciting tools to live happier and healthier.  We strongly believe we have found the perfect ‘home away from home’ for our students to prosper!

Why 432?

It’s important to note that everything in the universe is vibrating; incredibly the sacred sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432Hz – this is consistent with the vibrational frequency found throughout nature.

It’s been considered that music tuned to 432Hz resonates inside the listeners body; healthy effects are generated as the listener experiences a more meditative and relaxed state of body and mind, including the release of emotional blockages and expansion of consciousness.

Why the jellyfish?

Amazingly, jellyfish are the only creatures that rely on movement for the nourishment of their lives; they have virtually no ability to move on their own, depending on the natural currents of the ocean and the direction of the wind to move them on the course that they must go – their ability to move in harmony with these currents of life reveal to us how to flow with the natural forces of Mother Nature.

The beautiful transparency yet powerful sting of the jellyfish is a representation for us of what it means to be transparent and vulnerable, yet strong; qualities of which come to life as one steps onto a mat to practice Yoga.

Vision Statement

432 Yoga envisages a community where everyone has access to the teachings of Yoga; in an environment where they feel safe, and empowered to practice and express themselves freely.

Mission Statement

432 Yoga exists for the benefit of our local and broader communities; to improve their quality of life through the teachings of Yoga practices.

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