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Further your practice with these unique experiences that will leave you feeling great!

Dancing in the Dark

6.15 – 8.15pm
w. Belinda

$40 (Members save 20%)

“This event has arisen out of my relationship with dance as a means of self connection. It is my first love (pre yoga) and there is nothing quite as joyful, transformative and powerful as free movement.

There will be no lights on so as to cultivate a sense of privacy, or if you’re wanting more of a challenge blindfolds will be available for use.

We show up for ourselves, to express ourselves, entirely for ourselves… so the darkness serves to dissolve our inhibitions, giving us permission to breathe, dance and release anything unhelpful through having fun! We dance like no one’s watching, because quite literally no one is!

This will be a fun event and you are welcome to pm me a song request and I’ll do my best to play your jam.

The evening will include journaling to uncover our intentions in coming, a good sweaty dance, and we’ll conclude with a warm down, and a ten minutes savasana by candlelight.

You might choose to join fellow yogis / friends for dinner downstairs at the Butlers Pantry, or perhaps you’ll go home feeling satisfied and ready for bed. See you on the dance floor friends.”

– Belinda

Bowen Therapy + Yin

1.00 – 3.00PM
w. Lizete

$75 (Members save 20%)

Lizette combines her background in Bowen therapy, Kinesiology and Yoga to bring you this immersion; uniquely designed to calm and nourish your nervous system, to aid in the processing of dis-ease, stress and body held tension.

In this two-hour event you will be gently guided through a therapeutic Yin Yoga sequence, whilst receiving hands-on treatments. The session will be uniquely crafted according to the group’s energy; also taking into consideration the individual needs of each participant.

In this immersion your body will be gently invited to let go and allow deep healing by working in the connective tissues. This is particularly useful for sensitive souls, sensitive bodies and for anyone who experiences stress and anxiety.

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