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The Power of Intention:
Vision Board Workshop

w. SALLY / $49 (Members save 20%)

As the holidays close and the new year begins, create space for yourself to reflect and celebrate your achievements so far. By letting go of the past and focusing on the now, we can plan our future and create our best life.

Join Sally for a fun-filled planning workshop, mapping out your goals, intentions and dreams to make 2020 a happy and fulfilling year. When we set heartfelt Intentions they bring meaning to our life and propel us in the right direction. Intentions can be related to personal life, yoga, career or creative goals.

Enjoy a nourishing afternoon of yoga, meditation, craft, goal setting, snacks, and good company. This event is designed to leave you feeling light, joyful and inspired.

 Pin board, take-home resources and a healthy afternoon tea provided.
BYO magazines, inspiring images and quotes.

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