Workshops and Events

Further your practice with these unique experiences that will leave you feeling great!
Awaken ~ A Yin Journey towards Spring

with Sharon

Saturday 27th August
4 – 6pm

A special candle lit 2 hour event

You’re invited to Join Sharon as she’s takes you on nurturing & uplifting journey from winter to spring

Bring balance to body and mind through the change of seasons. Invite vibrant and positive energy into your world.

🌼Learn about the wood element & Meridian paths to deepen your understanding of yin poses.
🌼 enjoy guided breath work & meditation to release physical & mental heaviness.
🌼 Set intentions and journal around the idea of welcoming a renewed state of being.
🌼 finish with a delicious afternoon tea and prana chai prepared by sally

Spring is a new phase, one of growth and embracing new beginnings
We can’t wait to share an afternoon of lightness, ease and spaciousness.

 All welcome and great for those interested in learning why we practice yin yoga

Yoga For Men’s Health

with Jake

Sunday, September 11th

Men’s Introduction to Yoga Workshop:

For those who have always wanted to try yoga but didn’t know where to begin, in this workshop we’ll be exploring the different types and styles of yoga, and reflect on which style/styles suit you. We will also explore meditation, yogic philosophy and ways in which our yoga practice can complement other aspects of our lives and overall wellbeing.

While this workshop is designed for those who are new to the practice of yoga, if you are a more seasoned yogi, this workshop will give you the opportunity to reflect on your current practice. I look forward to sharing this experience with you all.   



Prenatal Workshop

with Tricia-Rose

Saturday, September 10th 
Our Prenatal Yoga workshop is an opportunity for expecting mothers to come together in a supportive, uplifting environment. 

This 2 hour workshop will provide safe gentle practices to soothe and strengthen your growing body while nurturing your intuitive mother-baby connection.

In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn:


* Guidelines for a safe movement practice
* Simple sequences to release tight muscles and build stability in your body
* Breathing exercises for relaxation 
* Music playlists to support your during labour and beyond
* Optimal Foetal Positioning to prepare for labour 
* Meditation & Journaling techniques to connect with your baby
* Restorative postures to nourish and recharge your body & mind


We will also explore Affirmations and you will create and take home your own personal Affirmation card.
Light refreshments will also be 
I can’t wait to share this speical time with you, 
Tricia – Rose 

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