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Upcoming workshops & events:



Rest & Realign Workshop

Sunday March 17th 2024
2-4pm $59

(20% OFF FOR studio MEMBERS)


Our Prenatal Yoga workshop is an opportunity for expecting mothers to come together in a supportive, uplifting environment. 

This 2 hour workshop will provide safe gentle practices to soothe and strengthen your growing body while nurturing your intuitive mother-baby connection.

In this special event you will learn:

* Guidelines for a safe movement practice

* Simple sequences to release tight muscles and build stability in your body
* Breathing exercises for relaxation 
* Music playlists to support your during labour and beyond
* Optimal Foetal Positioning to prepare for labour 
* Meditation & Journaling techniques to connect with your baby
* Restorative postures to nourish and recharge your body & mind


We will also explore Affirmations and you will create and take home your own personal Affirmation card.
Light refreshments will also be 
I can’t wait to share this speical time with you, 
Tricia – Rose 

Past workshops & events:

Embrace the power of PAUSE.

A Journey Inward Through Yoga. 

with Alechia – Yoga Therapist

Sunday August 20th
1pm – 3pm

This workshop is a gentle invitation to slow down, reconnect with your breath, and embrace the power of pause through the transformative practices of gentle yoga, yin, restorative poses, and yoga nidra.


  • Release physical and mental tension and stress
  • Enhance breath awareness
  • Rediscover a sense of inner peace and calm
  • Learn valuable tools to manage stress and find balance in daily life
  • Reflecting over afternoon tea

New Moon – Deep Rest

with Tricia – Rose

Sunday July 16th
1pm – 3pm

You’re invited into a cosy, warm space of blankets and candles where you will be soaking up the benefits of a deeply grounding and affirming yoga nidra.

This practice is designed to reduce stress and increase self confidence by reconnecting you with the beauty of your intuitive wisdom.

From the cocoon of yoga nidra there will be freedom to explore and express yourself creatively through your choice of journaling and/or drawing.

Curated prompts, oracle cards and drawing materials are provided so that you may choose the level of support that feels good for you.

Our journey will conclude with a communal circle as we integrate and share (optionally) our experiences while enjoying each other’s company over an Ayurvedic afternoon tea.

All levels of experience are welcome in this practice.

Spring Sensations

Spring is in the AIR!

with Sally & Steph

Wednesday October 11th
7:30pm – 9pm

This 90 minute Yoga & Reiki Event will provide you with the opportunity to awaken and connect with the 5 senses. Our time together invites you to remember, what makes you come alive and discover new layers of joy within our experiences. Connecting to the senses in a meaningful way will help you to ground yourself in the present moment, slow down and experience the world around you. 

Your evening includes:

  • Uplifting Yoga 
  • Intuitive Oracle Cards
  • Spring Affirmations
  • Essential Oils 
  • Sound Journey
  • Group Reiki Healing 

We look forward to sharing this special evening with you!

Flower Arrangement and Autumn Yin

with Yin Instructor Sharon and Emily from Think Blooms

Sunday 30th April
12.30pm – 3.30pm

A Special Mothers Day Event

Flower Arrangement and Autumn Yin
The energy of Autumn is about creative expression, introspection, and harvesting.
Join us in the lead up to Mothers Day we guide you towards a place to rest and reflect, an opportunity to establish deeper connections with ourselves and our community.
Join 432 Yin Instructor Sharon and Emily from Think Blooms for a heart warming event in the lead up to Mothers Day

Mindfulness and Meditation: Step-by-Step

with Tracy

12:30PM – 3:30PM

Sunday 26th Febuary 2023

Curious about mindfulness and meditation but not sure where to begin?

Come along to this 3-hour meditation workshop to learn

user-friendly techniques to use at any time and in any situation to

relax your body and calm your mind.

What’s included?
– Learn different ways to meditate.
– Understanding what meditation is and isn’t
– Practice a variety of ways to meditate.
– Learn about relaxation
– Discover how to interact with your thoughts and emotions.
– Enjoy short guided meditations.
– Afternoon tea and snack break
– Yoga Nidra to close our afternoon together

Tracy aims to share the benefits of meditation, and introduce students to new ways of viewing and practising meditation using simple and practical strategies that offer a range of approaches to explore according to your personality, needs, and lifestyle.

Living in Loving Awareness
From the Inside Out

a beginning…..a deepening

With Lisa, John and Rob from Illuminenation

Sunday 22nd October

12.30 – 3.30 pm

Each and every one of us has the capacity to embody unconditional love and freedom. 

Our world continues to increase in complexity, and constantly challenges our emotional and mental well-being and our perception of truth and reality. Yet, there are teachings and practices from great traditions throughout history that can elevate our understanding and experience. The question is: how do we apply and implement these teachings in real life, such that they make a tangible difference to our well-being and the way we interact with our world? 

Join us for a dynamic three-hour workshop that is essentially a practicum. A workshop where we learn constructive methods and techniques that help us to live in our natural state of loving awareness, and enable us to tap into our inherent resources of wisdom love and strength. 


The workshop will include:

  • creative movement and yoga
  • philosophy and contemplation
  • practices that enable us to break through the cycle of reactivity
  • chanting 
  • meditation

Kids Yoga Term 4

Tuesday’s 8 week program

4 pm – 4.45pm

11th October – 29th November

These classes provide a peaceful environment for your children to learn essential skills to achieve healthy habits.

Each class will include:

– Creative yoga sequences
– positive affirmations
– breathing techniques to promote relaxation
– mindfulness and emotions
– craft to create calm

Each week your child will receive a gem stone crystal, tea and mindfulness activity sheet.

I look forward to seeing you!

Eating the Wu Way &

with Steven Acuff & Natja Wunsch

12:30PM – 3:30PM

Sunday 12th Febuary 2023


This unique workshop gives new insight into the art of living a long and healthy life with boundless energy and greater mental clarity and focus.

Winter Wellness for Kids

with Sally & Kerrie

Tuesday June 27th
1pm – 3pm

During this Cosy session together, Sally will guide your child through a fun yoga practice, promoting movement, games, breathing to nourishing our bodies and minds during the cooler months.

After we have warmed up and bodies and relaxed our minds Kerrie from Meraki Art will guide the children through a fun, creative art session.

We will end the session with a hot choccie, marshmallows and seasonal fruit platter.

Limited to 12 Kids

About Kerrie: Kerrie Jacobs is a Holistic Creative Arts Therapist who loves to use arts to empower children with tools + skills to express themselves creatively and switch off from the everyday stresses. Kerrie will be engaging with your children in many creative arts experiences including Neurographic Art.

We can’t wait to share this special afternoon workshop with you!

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