What classes are available?

At 432 Yoga we offer an abundance of Yoga classes; spanning all seven days of the week, you’re sure to find a class that resonates with you.
Discover your style!

Vinyasa Flow

This is our strongest class on the timetable; lots of heat can be generated with the continual movement typical of a Vinyasa class. Linking conscious breath with movement, this class is dynamic, challenging, energizing and fun! Suitable for all practicing levels.

Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow classes are just that – slow! You will receive the same creative sequence and benefits as a Vinyasa class, just at a gentle, more relaxed pace. Postures are held for a longer period – think moving meditation, suitable for all practicing levels.

Yoga Play

This class runs monthly (2nd + 4th Saturday of each month) from 11am – 12.00pm

Expect a playful, progressive, supportive class where under complete guidance you can take the physical asana of your Yoga practice to new heights (literally); perhaps turning things upside down, balancing, binds.. and all the preparatory focus, steps + strengthening that’s required to get you there!

Beneficial for those who have an existing solid practice, looking to extend themselves in an open, explorative format.

Save the dates: 12 + 26 MAY / 9 + 23 JUN / 14 + 28 JULY / 11 + 25 AUG / 8 + 22 SEPT / 13 + 27 OCT / 10 + 24 NOV / 8 + 22 DEC


Each pose selected during a Yin class comes with a very specific target area; targeting the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

In a Yin class, students are encouraged to release as they move through a sequence of long holds – anywhere from 3-20 minutes!  It’s important to note, the deep joint cannot be stressed if the muscles surrounding the joint are activated, hence the requirement to release. Over time, as the muscles relax, the deep connective tissues are eventually impacted.

As the connective tissues are targeted, students may experience an incredible deep stretch (beyond the superficial layers typically activated in a Vinyasa or other forms of an active practice), potential physical rehabilitation and mental release – the ‘real’ sensations however are experienced following the release of the stretch/stress, when students return to stillness in a pentacle or resting position.

Restore (Restorative Yoga)

All levels welcome.  Our goal for the Restore class is to re-balance the fast paced, over-stimulated environment that many have become accustomed to living in. In this environment the nervous system operates in a constant state of ‘Fight or Flight’ (sympathetic nervous system); resulting in emotional feelings of unease, tiredness, agitation, anxiousness, unhappiness etc. the list goes on, and on.  And the body negatively responds by constricting the flow of blood to our organs of digestion and the reproductive system; ultimately impacting on the total immune system’s ability to defend and ward off disease and operate effectively.

This class has an enormous capacity to heal these physical and mental symptoms that are stress related – and as we know, many diseases, inability to conceive and illness these days are stress related.

We want to ensure all students are fully supported by props, allowing the body to completely release. Create a calming environment, with calming music to compliment – if you fall asleep, great!

Move + Meditate

In this hybrid class experience the true Yin & Yang of Yoga – softly, strongly / dark, light / movement, stillness etc. – no 2 classes will be the same, each class will have a different twist! This may include gentle, nourishing movement, mindfulness and body awareness, pranayama (breathing exercises), visualisation, Yogic philosophy or Meditation.


This class is scheduled to run twice a week and is highly recommended for both new students interested in establishing a safe, consistent and confident practice, experienced practitioners interested in broadening their practice – and everyone in between!

We will delve into the breath, bandhas, alignment of postures, safe transitions, benefits and contraindications.

The 4 ‘Vital’ classes listed below will be delivered in a ‘rolling’ manner i.e. a new week, a new Vital – at the end of the 4th week it starts again! The class will run in a workshop style manner, with questions and curiosity encouraged.

  1. Sun Salutations A and B ~ for Alignment and Technique
  2. Stand and Balance ~  for Strength and Focus
  3. Sit, Twist and Bend ~ for Digestion and Immunity
  4. Inversions and Backbends ~ for the Nervous System

Prenatal Yoga

This class runs fortnightly (1st & 3rd Saturday of the month) from 11am – 12.00pm

Save the dates: 5 + 19 MAY / 2 + 16 JUN / 7 + 21 JUL / 4 + 18 AUG / 1 + 15 SEP / 6 + 20 OCT / 3 + 17 NOV / 1 + 15 DEC

Designed to support your changing bodies through the beginning phases of your motherhood journey; each week we’ll explore a different area of the body and create a relaxing and calm space for you to soak up this exiting time – these classes will benefit your physical body as much as your emotional state.

We recommend beginning after your first trimester, and it’s preferred you consult with your doctor prior to commencement.


  • Breathing exercises are effective to help reduce anxiety as well as pain management and focus during labour;
  • Increase strength, flexibility and agility;
  • Improves circulation and fluid retention;
  • Improves posture and eases back pain;
  • Develop mental and physical strength – feel empowered;
  • Enjoy the sacred journey of pregnancy with the connection to baby within.

Postnatal Yoga (Mums + Bubs)

Provides fun and interactive ways to bond with your baby, whilst taking the time care for yourself. Meet other new Mums and share your stories – or may we suggest booking the studio for your next Mothers Group get-together? You can expect baby massage, and a nurturing, strengthening practice all in the company of your bundle of joy.

Benefits for Mum:

  • Gentle exercises to strengthen weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles;
  • Release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back;
  • Learn techniques to deal with emotions and fatigue;

Benefits for baby:

  • Gentle exercises for an upset tummy/colic;
  • Playful movement for enhancing baby’s development;
  • Baby massage to help relax you baby and promote better sleep;
  • Rhymes and songs to engage with your baby;
  • Calming techniques and holds for babies going through unsettled periods;
  • Fun, interactive play time with Mum.

Your INTRO OFFER 2 weeks / $25*

*$25 for your first 2 weeks; available to all new visitors, for a limited time only!