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Guide to Oracle Cards

After completing a yoga practice at the studio you may have found an oracle card waiting for you and perhaps wondered why? What are oracle cards and how do they work? Are there any benefits to using them?


What are oracle cards? 

Unlike tarot cards which follow a prescribed structure of suits, characters and interpretations, modern day oracle card decks are limitless in themes and imagery with creators free to choose any number of cards and interpretations to share with their audience. Some decks offer stand-alone quotes or words of wisdom while others provide a guidebook to extend card interpretations and offer suggestions for further reflection.


So how do oracle cards work?

When you turn over an oracle card your mind makes a critical analysis of what it sees based on past experience and personal taste. This isn’t fortune telling, it’s intuition building. Intuitive practices such as oracle card reading focus on accessing the wisdom of the feeling sense-body (intuition) which for many of us is hidden beneath the louder voices of our critical rational mind. Our intuition allows us to make sense of the world beyond intellectual reasoning. A familiar example of connecting to our intuition is to make a decision based on a ‘gut-feeling’. Intuitive practices focus on building a relationship with this subtle inner landscape from which our gut instincts arise.


Are there any benefits to using oracle cards?

In a world full of products that encourage us to seek and rely on external answers, oracle cards can be a powerful tool for tapping into the intuitive wisdom that we all already carry within ourselves. Increased intuitive skills are linked to increased self awareness, heightened creativity and confidence in problem solving and decision making. Oracle cards may also provide emotional and spiritual support as we reconnect with our core beliefs, values and fears. As well as offering insight into our strengths, blind spots, habitual patterns and areas for transformation.


How to ‘read’ an oracle card:
There is no single ‘right way’ to perceive a card but here are some tips for arriving at a well-rounded interpretation:
  1. Notice what you notice. What caught your eye first, the image or the text? What feeling, emotion or question arose?
  2. Observe if there is anything about the card that you are tempted to ignore or anything that creates a sense of discomfort. Is this an area for personal growth?
  3. Always make your own observations before referring to a guidebook. Try asking yourself, what message might this card have for me? How could this message be trying to help me right now? Treat the guidebook as a provider of clues not as a dictionary of meaning.


Oracle cards in the studio and/or at home?
After completing a physical yoga practice we may experience a deeper sense of groundedness and increased mental clarity as our anxieties and stresses are alleviated. This is the perfect time to exercise our intuitive skills as a relaxed body and mind is more receptive to making connections between our inner and outer worlds. Establishing your own oracle card reading practice at home will help even further to build the relationship between intellect and instinct, particularly if you are interested in deepening this practice by journaling or meditating afterwards. Taking the prompt of an oracle card and turning our gaze inwards for a few moments each day can make a meaningful contribution towards inner equanimity.


“Intuition is the whisper of the soul” – Jiddu Krishnamurti 


– written by Tricia-Rose Robinson

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