Private Yoga Tuition

We’re here to support your Yoga journey, whether in a group environment or on your own.

Lifestyle, health, physical, mental and emotional factors can greatly influence how you approach your Yoga practice.

Quite often, many questions remain unanswered during a regular Yoga class; participants are left wondering whether they’re moving or breathing correctly and safely; perhaps the pace of the class exceeds that which they’re comfortable with; or there’s confusion and the inability to concentrate.

  • Does Yoga intrigue you, but a group environment terrifies you?
  • Do you have an existing or new injury you’re navigating, and believe continuous, safe movement is the key to your recovery?
  • Are you pregnant, and want to continue practicing in a regular class, but are unsure of safe adaptations of postures?
  • Are you seeking absolute stillness, that can’t be guaranteed in a group environment?
  • Do you have an intention of progressing your practice, or are there specific postures you seek personal guidance to achieve?

These are a few of the concerns and desires expressed by our students; we have listed these, as quite often if someone has come to us for a reason, no doubt there’s someone else who is in the same or similar situation.

Contact us now to discuss your individual intentions.
Duration and structure can be adapted.

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