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Nothing compares to those first seconds, days and weeks of learning that you are pregnant. The anticipation. The very notion in knowing the architecture of your body is about to change forever.  It is something quite other worldly.

Then there is the immense transformation that happens internally, invisible to the eye. Perceptions, priorities and emotions begin to evolve. Changes occur on a chemical level too, as hormonal systems evolve with just as much vigour and prosperity as the body.

In my own experience, these internal changes were sometimes more profound than the obvious swelling that was happening externally.

This, was the very reason Prenatal yoga resonated so strongly with me.

It gave me permission to completely indulge in the rollercoaster of feelings & sensations I was experiencing inside and out; I had one whole hour to nourish the wonder of simply being pregnant alongside women journeying into unknowns, ups, downs, bliss and apprehension.

In all the years I’ve been teaching and practicing I have always been in awe of the way woman are drawn to yoga in their pregnancy.

Weather yoga has been nothing more than a “I must try that one day’” ideation, or it has been a regular practice, women seem to intuitively know that it will nurture not only their physical changes but support their shift in emotion too.

While the habitual yogini might choose to stick with her dynamic practice (which is perfectly fine!), I am a strong advocate of prenatal yoga being the safest, most nurturing place for a female to land while blessed with the appointment of growing life.

I honestly encourage pregnant women to step away from so much “doing” and get involved in a lot more “being”. 

In practicing pregnancy specific yoga, the knowledge that I was keeping my baby and my body safe under the instruction of an experienced teacher gave me such comfort. I never had to second guess if what I was practicing was dangerous, and I always felt supported on the days I was moving with as much ease a turtle on its back.

Yoga in pregnancy isn’t only about moving a body that at times feel alien, but forming a happy and healthy relationship with it too.

Learning to use our breathe more effectively can greatly assist us in the delivery room, and the mindfulness that naturally evolves with your practice helps bring quiet to swirling pregnancy emotions. It also increases a greater sense of connection with your baby yogi (or yogini) inside.

Best part is? Your yoga journey doesn’t have to end once you and your babe are acquainted through birth – Post-natal yoga, aka ‘Mums & Bubs’ is another beautiful chapter and opportunity for mum and her new baby to continue to grow their yoga practice together – on the outside.

There is nothing more divine that rolling out your mat with your baby in tow.

Postnatal yoga helps you re-build your physical strength and confidence while bonding with your new little BFF through the power of touch, sound and massage.

Gentle movement helps to shift the inevitable fog of fatigue that comes with a new baby, but best of all it brings new mums together to vent, talk and learn as they travel this new path together.

I often get nervous mums coming to my classes worried that their babies are going to scream all class long…and…some do!! But that is as much part of Mums & Bubs class as the babies who sleep for the entire session.

Mums & Bubs is for EVERY mother, and EVERY baby. An experienced, intuitive instructor will teach through ANYTHING because she knows that crying and making mums and babies feel comfortable is all part of the experience.

At 432 Yoga, you are in amazing hands no matter where you are in your journey. Both Sarah and Sally are highly experienced pre and post natal teachers (& mothers) with sensitive, empathetic hearts and a passion for helping guide women through this very special passage in time.

Even if you only get to one or two pre or postnatal classes, I promise you that they will be a memorable part of your journey through, and into motherhood.

Why not give it a try?

You might just make some lifelong friendships and gain a more intimate kinship with yourself as a women (a mother!) and have some beautiful yoga stories to share with your babe when they are finally earth-side J

Namaste, Suze xx


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