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We asked our resident Yin and Meditation teacher Tristan his tips on how to stay positive this Winter; if you’re typically affected by S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder – yes, it’s a real thing!) then may we suggest you read on?!

What are some ways we can care for ourselves during winter – both mind and body?

“We all know about, and experience the many shifts that happen this time of year – our mood, sense of taste, choice of recreational activity, joint pain (any arthritis sufferers will back me on that one!), to name a few. This will come as no surprise – I can’t recommend Yin Yoga enough; it’s the perfect care package for both mind and body!

Class choice aside, I encourage you to approach your practice with an allowing, open mind; take particular care to ‘check in’ frequently; recognising where you’re at, at ANY given time, not just on your mat. Carefully consider how your body feels, and how your mind feels; practice observing and welcoming the responses that surface – rather than persistently avoid.”

How can we prepare for, and avoid, a change in mood during a change in season?

“As humans, we have a tendency to deny and/or avoid most things that feel uncomfortable – this is normal. This includes an avoidance or unwillingness to accept thoughts and feelings perceived as bad, or uncharacteristic.

Changes in moods are experienced more frequently, and felt more intensely, during these colder months –also normal! So rather than avoid these changes and shifts that are going to occur anyway – I challenge you to change your relationship with avoidance. Move towards an acceptance of what you’re feeling – allow yourself to just be!”

What are some ways we can shift our perspective to a more positive one; empowering us to embrace the elements?

“We are all aware that a calm, wholesome state-of-mind has beneficial effects on our mind’s health and physical wellbeing; ultimately, when I identify an opportunity to shift my perspective to a more positive one,I remind myself ‘this too shall pass’.

In the cooler months we can use this time to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. It’s ok to surrender to that pull to retreat indoors; use this time to grow your mind – reading books, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, or just overall developing your education on a subject of interest to you.

If negativity clouds your awareness, limit use of social media, check in, and take note of what the negative influences are in your life – perhaps it’s time to cut a few away…”

What would you recommend to those feeling down?

“It’s perfectly normal to feel a little down (we’ve all heard of the winter blues) this time of year; the idea that we should be happy all the time is a complete fantasy! I myself, am still getting used to living in Melbourne; the four seasons in one day, and predominantly grey skyscape throws me around a little… so, I (cue my own advice) remind myself ‘this too shall pass’; I try to remain active, and get outside as often as I can with my dog; being mindful in my day to day activities helps, as does spending time with my loved ones.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Changing your relationship to resistance, is a fundamental key to personal growth – especially during winter, but really, all year round! 
I urge you to try stepping back (or in, depending how you see it), and look beyond the immediate, superficial characteristics of how you want to be, how you think you should behave, and what you think you should feel – and instead, with self-compassion, allow yourself to sit with what’s present.

Tristan Rose

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